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Inspiring Japanese Cuisine You’ll Love

Cooking is my art.   By using all five senses, I create beautiful food that gives pleasure and happiness to everyone as it does to me in presenting it.

Eico Kano


 grilled butternuts squash


hijiki salad

Mogumogu (literally "tasty" in Japanese") is essentially a Japanese catering company, but,         as chef Eico puts it, with a twist

Specialising in an eclectic selection of mouth-watering foods for all occasions prepared personally or under the direction of chef Eico, Mogumogu combines traditional Japanese cooking methods with first-class ingredients sourced in the UK and from around the world.

Mogumogu is building up a remarkable clientele of international companies and individuals.  We cater for every type of event from private to corporate occasions.    We can provide for an authentic Japanese Kaiseki Bento lunch or Sushi Bar night or a unique Omakase Course dinner or quite simply we can create for you Eico's superb original canapés. Whatever you desire, we will make you a delicious and memorable culinary experience.


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