about eico

Eico was born in Kobe which many people know of as the home of Wagyu (Kobe beef).  But there is much more to Kobe; the mountain in the south, the sea in the north and the delicious food gathered from farmers and fisheries. It also has one of the oldest and biggest ports in Japan. There you can find an abundant food trade mixing local and regional specialities with Western food culture.   In this blessed environment Eico grew up with a father very knowledgable about food and a mother who was good at cooking.


On entering university in Tokyo, Eico's own first kitchen soon became a food laboratory.   After finishing qualification, her love of food led her to France to learn more about cooking where she took lessons in basic traditional French cuisine and the history of France at Bistro restaurant in Montfort L'Amaury .   She also worked at Michelin-starred restaurant "Pierre Orsi" at Lyon where her passion for cooking grew.    Returning from France she applied her experience in a variety of outlets including cookery school, event production companies, kitchen interior companies etc. in Kobe and Nagoya before coming to London 20 years ago.  In the UK she has worked for catering companies including Urban Caprice (urban kitchen), Absolute Taste, More Please and Zuma restaurant in 2002. she began and now supervises Mogumogu catering.  Recently, on-line magazine              has published Eico's recipes and photographs co-produced with professional food photographer                    .  Most of the new recipes come from her unconventional originality and inspirations.    Her ideas for menu are constantly flowing....